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What is Celadrin®?

Celadrin® is an all natural product which has after an intensive research process called esterifying the oils, has been clinically proved as a pain management and anti inflammatory treatment.

Celadrin® is a compound that enhances the cell membranes all throughout the body and therefore provides cell fluidity and elasticity. This extra fluid that the body gains helps to act as a cushion for the bones and joints giving them more flexibility to move around with no pain.

Celadrin's® compound is made up of different fatty acid carbons, which have been arranged in a certain way to achieve maximum treatment for healthy joints. Celadrin® is also known and has been proven to work very fast (within 30 minutes) as a pain relief.

The Celadrin® compound provides constant lubrication for the joints allowing the cell membranes to stop the inflammatory chemicals. It also helps to stop the chemicals attacking the membrane which makes the joints stiffen, to gain more flexibility.


What is the history and origin of Celedrin®?

Celadrin® has been sourced from a patented complex blend of special esterified fatty acids which are found in bovine tallow oil. It is then extracted and enhanced to make an effective treatment for various symptoms such as, joint pain and swelling.

Celadrin® is a fairly new compound to be used as a supplement, but has had extensive research completed on it, which has deemed it safe and an extremely effective treatment. Celadrin® was used in the U.S.A before being brought over to the UK and has been effectively treating many Americans.

Celadrin® has also been written about twice in the Journal of Rheumatology, where professional researchers concluded that it significantly improved the normative function of patients who regularly used this supplement.

Over the past ten years Celadrin® has been tested as a nutritional substance, and although a new product, it has paved its way into the market with good results.


What problems can Celadrin® help with?

Celadrin® can help a number of various conditions and diseases these are:

Osteoarthritis - This condition is common in older adults. It affects the joints by degeneration, and is often called the 'wear and tear' disease. Celadrin® lubricates the cell membranes, and helps restore mobility and to relieve pain.

Arthritis - This condition is when your joints and muscles are sore, inflamed and causes the sufferer pain and restricted mobility. Celedrin® helps to lubricate the joints which help mobility and pain, to help ease most of the symptoms of arthritis.

Joint problems - Common joint problems such as stiffness can also be helped by Celadrin®. Its ability to heal and give joints more flexibility will help ease and even in some cases cure some joint problems.

Knee and elbow injuries - Knee and elbow injuries are the most common of joint injuries. Celadrin® will help to diminish the pain of the injuries whilst helping to rejuvenate the cells to help the healing of the injury. It will also reduce any swelling that may have appeared on the joints.

Sports injuries - Sports injuries involve a range of various problems. Celedrin® can help to aid the recovery of these injuries, whilst numbing the pain and taking away any inflammation.

Lower back pain - Celadrin® has been shown to help relieve back pain and provide more flexibility for sufferers.

Psoriasis - Celedrin® can help this skin condition by reducing skin inflammation, easing soreness and pain.


What recent scientific tests and studies have been done on Celadrin®?

There has been many scientific research studies on Celadrin® although it is quite new to the UK it has been used in the US for longer and deemed safe and effective to use.

Celedrin® was studied in a double blind, multi centre, placebo controlled trial. Sixty four people between the ages of 37 and 77 were studied and after 68 days the results showed that the participants on the Celadrin® had less aches and pains, more flexibility and could walk further than those in the placebo trial.

Also various testaments from people taking Celadrin® have been reported on the Celadrin® website. Mr D Boles from Canada reported "I'm a hopeless pessimist, but after two weeks of taking Celadrin® I was able to go from taking 150mg of Indocin to taking none. I have been taking Indocin for 10 years, and now with Celadrin® I am pain free, with no more drowsiness or untold side effects!"

Mrs McCaughey from east Sussex also reported "I have suffered from bad knees for a long time, waiting for knee replacement surgery. I've been in terrible pain and couldn't walk without a cane. After taking Celadrin® I have my life back!"

At the University of Connecticut a clinical study was conducted with people who suffered from osteoarthritis. The test showed that all the participants were relieved from pain within 30 minutes, and within the 30 day study benefited even more.

Other research was conducted for Celadrin® as a cream. These results gave the participants improved balance, relief from pain and stiffness, and improved strength and mobility. The exciting results from this research were that after only 30 minutes from applying the cream most of these benefits were felt.

Celadrin® has defiantly been proved scientifically that it works very well on joint pain, stiffness, swelling, and mobility. It also has the benefit of being all natural with no side effects reported, so is one of the safest treatments around.

Studies have shown an increased mobility and flexibility in patients with osteoarthritis and patients with arthritis. These studies have shown that people with these conditions can do regular exercise when taking Celadrin®. Due to being able to do regular exercise, people can help stop the on-set of other conditions like, obesity, diabetes, and more. So Celadrin® does not only give relief to arthritis and other mobility conditions, but also can help to maintain a healthy lifestyle avoiding other diseases.


Is Celadrin® safe to take?

Celadrin® is an all natural product, and has been said by scientists to cause no known side effects. It is a safe supplement to take, but because it is natural you should look out for any symptoms which could be side effects from taking this product.

There have been over 100 million capsules sold of Celadrin® with no known side effects reported. Scientific toxicity and Ames tests have also been done on Celadrin® and all have been deemed safe.


Who shouldn't take Celadrin®?

There are no known reasons that have been proved in scientific research yet to provide evidence that certain people should not take Celadrin®. It is advised that children under two years of age should not take this product, or get advice from their doctor to use this product.


Is Celadrin® safe to take with other products?

Celadrin® has been scientifically proven that it does not react with any other ant-inflammatory drugs such as steroids. It is unknown as to what other drugs may cause any sort of reactions to Celadrin®. If you are taking prescribed medicine you should consult your doctor before taking Celadrin®.


Doctors response to Celadrin®

Most doctors have been supporting the effects that Celadrin® can have. Although it is an all natural product your doctor will be more then happy to go through the effects of Celadrin® with you. More and more doctors are open to alternative therapies now, and are happy to advise their patients on them.

Many doctors have noted the results that Celadrin® has had on people using it for various conditions, such as arthritis and osteoarthritis. Although this compound is fairly new it has been researched extensively by doctors and scientists.

Doctors have said that Celadrin® does help considerably with pain relief, and anti-inflammatory effectiveness. Some have been impressed with its results especially when used with Glucosamine, as this can cause an increased effectiveness in the actions of both products.

Celadrin® has been involved in many clinical trials, mostly based in America and has been published in the Journal of Rheumatology, with all positive reactions from scientists and doctors.


Dosage, how much should I take, and who can take it?

Celadrin® can be taken by most people, it has not been known to cause harm in anyone who has taken part in the scientific studies and trials. Children under two years of age should not use Celadrin®, and it is advised that children should consult their doctor before taking this product.

The dosage for Celadrin® is to take around 1000mg a day. This is only a recommended dose and can be changed if wanted. Extensive research on Celadrin® has shown that using Celadrin® for a long length of time has no known side effects, and is safe to use.


Are there any side effects or warnings about Celadrin®?

Celadrin® has been studied extensively and has not produced any known side effects in any of its patients. It is a natural product safe from the side effects that drugs can cause. The only warning that Celadrin® at the moment carries is that children under the age of two should not use this product.



This information (and any accompanying material) provided is not intended to replace the attention or advice of a physician or other health care professionals. Anyone wishing to embark on any dietary, drug, exercise, or other lifestyle change intended to prevent or treat a specific disease or condition, or for people who are pregnant should first consult and seek clearance from a qualified health care professionals. The information provided on this site is as accurate as possible. We not accept responsibilities or liability for any inaccuracies.
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